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Hooray! Now show off your bokish goodies on social media. But first...


My box is missing an item!

We are sorry to hear your box was missing an item. Our team works hard to ensure all items are included in each box but things can get missed. If you are missing an item in your box, please send an email to [email protected], letting us know the b

One of my items arrived damaged!

We are sorry to hear one of your items was damaged in shipping. We do our best to make sure everything is packed safely and securely in your box but things can get bumped about in transit. Damaged Item: If you have a damaged item, please send a clear

My book isn't signed!

We're sorry you may have received an unsigned book. We have found our exclusive signed page often clings to the page in front of it. Our signed page is usually the first page after the front end pages. Have another look at your book, making sure you

I received TWO boxes! What happened?

If you receive two boxes that look the same from the outside, or you believe one is a duplicate, please don't open them both.  There is a chance you may have accidentally had two subscriptions in your cart when you checked out, you may have active su

Replacement Policy

While we are happy to replace any missing or damaged items, as well as boxes we can consider lost, we do need to hear from you as soon as possible.  When you receive a box, be sure to open it up and check all your items. If something is damaged, we d

What if I receive the same book in another subscription box service?

While we have no control over what books other boxes select, we understand your disappointment about receiving duplicate books from different companies. The reality of the situation is that here at OwlCrate we plan our boxes 6+ months in advance of s

Refund/Return Policy

If your subscription has renewed and your card has been charged, you are set to receive the boxes that have been paid for. Cancelling only affects future renewals and doesn’t trigger an automatic refund. If you didn’t intend to renew, please email su