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What if I receive the same book in another subscription box service?Updated a year ago

While we have no control over what books other boxes select, we can understand your disappointment in receiving the same title from different companies. Here at OwlCrate, we plan our boxes 6+ months in advance of shipping. This includes selecting the book, choosing the theme, designing all the exclusive elements, collaborating with artists, and finding all the wonderful items we want to include.

We take pride in designing all of our OwlCrate editions - for Middle Grade, Young Adult, and Adult Fantasy - to be as special and unique as possible, with exclusive covers, additional design elements, author signatures, bonus content, and more. This means that even if you receive the same title from another company, the books themselves will be completely different editions. Our Young Adult book picks will always be signed by the author. Our Middle Grade and Adult Fantasy book picks may be signed but may include a signed bookplate or digital signature. We hope this helps ease any initial disappointment!

We are incredibly grateful for your support and we hope you enjoy all the books we include in the future!

PLEASE NOTE: If you remain subscribed to multiple book boxes who include newly published books, you always run the risk of receiving duplicate books in a given month. With every box aiming to send out the best books being published, it is likely that if there is a highly anticipated title coming out more than one box may pick it as their featured book. If this is something that you want to avoid, we recommend reconsidering subscribing to more than one book box.

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