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My book is damaged.Updated 2 months ago

As of February 2024, we have revised our Damaged Book Replacement Policy. You can find all the details HERE.

If you feel your book is damaged, please send a photo or two to [email protected] and we will be happy to take a look. 

We have created the following guidelines for what we consider damage and will offer either a new book or extra reward points. 

Damage Levels and Replacement Guidelines

In most cases, we will be offering an option of extra Reward Points or a new book. Sometimes, it will only be points. 

Not familiar with our Reward Points and OwlCrate Loyalty program? Click HERE

Level 1 - Small Imperfections and Superficial Damage
For damages in this category, we will add 100 extra points to your account. A replacement book will not be sent.
These types of damages may include dented corners, top/bottom of spine folded in, etc.

Level 2 - Dust Jacket Damage
If we have extra dust jackets, we will be happy to send you one. Oftentimes, the publisher/printer sends extra dust jackets and, in those cases, replacements are easy.

If we don’t happen to have any dust jackets for a particular book, will compensate based on one of the following guidelines.

  • Minor Damage = 150 extra points
  • General Damage = Option of 150 extra points or a new book
  • Significant Damage = A new book

Level 3 - General Damages and Books Bound Upside Down
For damages in this category, we will add 200 extra points to your account. Replacement Books will be at the discretion of the Customer Support Team.

Bound Upside Down - An issue that happens at the printing level and is not part of the pre-check for damages. We feel these books are still in good condition, are readable, and the issue isn’t noticeable when sitting on a shelf.

General Damages - Damages happen. Pages can get caught in the printer and rip, ink can get smudged, and shipping can be rough. There are a lot of variables. The best thing to do is to send in a photo or two and the Customer Support Team will be happy to take a look.

In these cases, we may:

  • Add 200 extra points to your account
  • Offer the choice of 200 extra points or a new book

Level 4 - Issues with Sprayed or Stenciled Edges
Sprayed/Gilded Edges

  • Slightly Fade/Minor Imperfections = 150 extra points
  • Blotchy/White is Visible = Option of 150 extra points or a new book

Stencilled Edges

While mostly uniform, stencilled edges can always vary slightly from book to book. For this reason, we have a few examples.

  • Images are Blurry = Option of 150 reward points or a new book

Various Degrees of Off-Center 

  • Minorly Off-Center (less than 2mm from centre of design) = 150 extra points 
  • Generally Off-Center = Option of 150 extra points or a new book
  • Significantly Off-Center/Part of Design Cut Off = Will send a new book

You can see examples of Stencilled Edges Issues HERE. (coming soon...)

Level 5 - Obvious Damage
Over the years, we have seen it all. Sometimes, there is no doubt at all a book is damaged and we will send you a new one.

What if my Book is Unsigned?
If your book is not signed and it is supposed to be, we will be happy to send you a new one. 
We have found our exclusive signed page often clings to the page in front of it. Our signed page is usually the first page after the front-end pages. Have another look at your book, making sure you have checked all pages. 

If your book is unsigned, please see THIS ARTICLE for instructions. 

If we feel a replacement book is the best solution, here is what we need from you...

We are book lovers at heart and don’t want you to deface your book on an extreme level, but we will be asking for some alterations to your edition. 

We want the book to be able to be enjoyed by someone else - a book-loving friend or family member who may enjoy the story. Alternatively, we encourage you to donate your altered copy to your local public library or a school library.

We are going to ask you to:

  • Cut an inch off the bottom corner of the OwlCrate Signed page.
  • Draw a thick black line across the bottom pages near the spine.
  • Email a photo showing you have done this to the Customer Support Agent helping you.

Note: Do not take the above actions unless we have agreed to send you a new book. 

Photos Customer Support Will Need:

In your photo, we want to see our exclusive signed page with the bottom corner missing and the line drawn on the bottom pages. 

If the sprayed/stencilled edges are dark in colour, please use a silver/gold-inked marker to mark your pages. 

Important Notes:

  • You need to reach out to Customer Support ([email protected]) within 14 days of receiving your book.
  • This policy and the decision of Points vs Replacement remains at the discretion of our dedicated Customer Support team. Treating the owl (CS agent) helping you with the utmost courtesy and respect is always going to reap more benefits than ruffling their feathers. We are here to be fair.
  • Do not make alterations to your book until Customer Support has said they will send you a new book.
  • We do not offer partial refunds in lieu of points. 
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