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What happens in a sellout situation when I am an active subscriber?Updated 7 months ago

It has been some time since we have been in a full sellout situation but we do have procedures in place.

When putting together our boxes and choosing our books, we are typically working about six months in advance. As a result, we are unable to up our numbers at the last minute. This means, that even if you are an active subscriber, spots are still limited.

Due to the limited amount of spots we have available each month, we encourage subscribers to ensure their payment details are up to date so their renewal goes through successfully on the 1st of the month. Failed renewals happen but the system will always try to charge your card again the next day.

After the 3rd we are unable to guarantee your renewal will before the current month's box. If your renewal goes through after we have sold out, that payment will be for the next month's box. If you are unsure what box you will be receiving, please email [email protected].

Things to remember:

  • Even in a sellout situation, your subscription will still renew as usual as these actions are automated within the system.
  • All subscriptions affected by the sellout will be updated after the 19th of the month, resetting the correct renewal dates.
    • Example: If you renewed during a sellout on December 6th, your renewal date will still show as January 1st. After the 19th, when the site is updated, your renewal date will be pushed to February 1st, as your payment for January was already taken.
  • If you skipped a month during a sellout and then changed your mind, we are unable to unskip for you.
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