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Sellout Mode and the WaitlistUpdated a month ago

Hello Patient Waitlister!

When we are in a sellout situation, we won't always be able to send new invites to subscribe to those on the waitlist. This helps us ensure we have enough books for all renewing subscribers. 

That being said, we also want to reward your loyalty and patience. Once all renewals have gone through for a given month, we will reassess our inventory to see if we have any extras. As we offer unlimited skips, it can sometimes be difficult to judge how many people will be actively renewing in a given month, and we want to mitigate overselling wherever possible. 

In the past, we used to list extra books and boxes publicly in our online store where anyone can grab a box. 

However, as many people have been waiting patiently on the waitlist, we are going to start offering any extra books and boxes to those on the waitlist first. 

Unless specifically stated, receiving a link to purchase a monthly book or box is not an invite to subscribe, but simply a chance for you to purchase a one-time book or box you would have missed otherwise.

We appreciate you wanting to be an OwlCrate subscriber and we strive to help you out wherever we can. :)

Thanks again for all our patience and happy reading!

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