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NEW Quarterly Subscription Plans (Coming 2025)

Info on our NEW Romance, Romantasy, Horror, and Sci-Fi subscription coming in 2025.

What are the new Quarterly Subscriptions?

In the spring of 2025, we will be launching FOUR new genre-based, quarterly subscriptions. Find all the details for our Contemporary Romance subscription HERE. Find all the details for our Horror subscription HERE. Find all the details for our Romant

Will the Quarterly Subscriptions replace current YA/Adult?

No, our new Quarterly Subscriptions will not be replacing our current Young Adult and Adult Fantasy offers. They will be additional subscriptions.Can I be subscribed to more than one subscription? Yes, of course! Once the Quarterly Subscriptions have

How much will the quarterly subscriptions cost?

While we anticipate the cost of the new quarterly subscriptions will be on par with our current Book Only options, it is still early days. We don't have a definitive price at this time.

Why are your asking us to pay $25 upfront?

Purchasing a $25 ticket upfront will ensure everyone who wants a new subscription gets one. If we know how many people are truly interested, we will be able to order the correct number of books. When it comes time to make your purchase, you will rece

How long do I have to buy a ticket?

Quarterly Subscription tickets will be available from Friday, June 21st until Friday, July 5th. If you miss out on purchasing a ticket, you will still be able to join the waitlist for your preferred subscription at any time.

Can I cancel my order/ticket if I change my mind?

If you wish to cancel your order, you can do so. If you cancel within 90 days, you will receive a full refund and your name will be removed from the list. You will no longer have a subscription spot held for you. If you cancel AFTER 90 days, you will

I am an active YA/Adult subscriber. Can I simply switch to a new subscription later?

Unfortunately, no. If you would like to purchase a quarterly subscription, you will need to buy a ticket or at least join the waitlist. When the time comes to purchase the new subscriptions, you can always cancel your current YA or Adult subscription

Will I be able to skip boxes on the quarterly subscriptions?

We will not be offering the option to skip on the quarterly subscriptions. You can choose to cancel your subscription at any time and resubscribe again later.

Can I combine shipping if I have more than one subscription?

Our team is actively looking into combined shipping and we are eager to make that happen. We are hoping that we will be able to offer this option when we launch these new subscriptions n 2025.

What month will each subscription renew? Will they be staggered?

We are still figuring out the exact schedule of when each of the new quarterly subscriptions will ship, but they will be staggered, with the exception of Science Fiction and Horror which will ship in the same month. Subscriptions will renew on the 1s

When we we know the theme for the first quarterly subscription books?

The themes for the first few months will be announced in the fall/winter of 2024. Announcements for future quarterly themes will be announced in the same our current subscriptions are - the month before the next renewal/shipment.

Can we expect the same types of design elements with the quarterly subscriptions that we get with the current YA and Adult books?

We will be doing everything we can to secure the same fancy design elements as we have with our monthly boxes, including stencilled edges whenever possible!

Will the new quarterly subscriptions be YA or Adult?

All new quarterly subscriptions will be Adult books. We are not planning to include Young Adult books in these subscriptions but it is possible that we may create Young Adult Limited Editions in these genres.

Will Media Mail be a shipping option for these new subscriptions?

Though we know a lower rate is offered with Media Mail, our books don’t always qualify as we often include unbound promotional materials (author letters, enamel pins, art prints) with our books which are considered extraneous advertising materials by