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How do I update my payment details?Updated a year ago

How to update your payment information:

  1. Log in to your OwlCrate Account

  2. Click "Billing Information"
  3. Select "Update Card"

  4. Wait for the form to load, enter your updated card details and click "Update card"
  5. A "Customer card updated" notification will briefly appear and then the form will reset to blank

  6. You can review your updated card details by returning to your account page and clicking back to Billing Information

  7. You're all set!

*Please note that we currently only allow one method of payment to be kept on file within a single customer account.  If you are looking to use multiple payment methods for different subscriptions, you'll need to create a new account (i.e. check out with an alternate email address).

*If you are looking to switch from a credit card to PayPal, there are a few extra steps to take. Please see THIS ARTICLE for more information.

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