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How do I purchase a One-Time Gift?Updated 6 months ago

Thank you for wanting to give the gift of OwlCrate!

To start, you just need to head over to owlcrate.com and hover over the SUBSCRIBE tab at the top of the main page:

Chose the 'SEND A GIFT' option for OwlCrate or OwlCrate Jr. 

On the next page, you can choose your one-time subscription plan:
A one-time Monthly box will be sent directly to the recipient when the current month's boxes begin shipping (usually between the 15th and 20th of the month), and they will receive a shipping notification and tracking number. With one-time 3-Month or 6-Month Subscriptions, the recipient will be sent the first box as a surprise but will receive shipping notifications and tracking numbers for each subsequent shipment.

** If you do want to gift an auto-renewing plan, you can tick the "Automatically renew this gift subscription" box on the next page. With the renewing plan option, you will be recharged for a new cycle on the first of each month, or every 3 or 6 months, depending on the plan you choose. **

 There are two ways to purchase a gift:

Start Immediately With the Upcoming Box

With this option, your subscription will automatically start with the current month's box - the box being advertised on the main page of the website at time of purchase. 
Gifts purchased before the 20th of the month will start with that month's box and gifts purchased after the 20th will start with the next month's box. 

Example: If you purchase a gift on January 16th, your gift will be for/start with the January box. If you purchase your gift on January 26th, it will be for/start with the February box.

Here, you can enter the recipient's name and shipping details - you will enter your own details on the checkout page. If you don't want the recipient to receive any emails, you can enter your own email address in that field.

Send Gift As Email

With this option, the recipient will be sent an email on the Send Gift Email date you choose:

 Once the recipient receives the email, they can click the link provided to claim their gift. When claiming their gift, the same rules will apply in terms of when the gift will start - claiming before or after the 20th of the month will determine which box they receive. 

** The recipient will then need to claim the gift to activate shipments. **

** If you know the recipient already has a subscription, they may want to email [email protected] so we can ensure their new gift doesn't overlap with their current subscription and we can avoid duplicate boxes being shipped. **


The Checkout Page:

At the next stage, shipping costs and any applicable taxes will be added. You will be able to see your full total before confirming your purchase. 

Please note: Though it says "Customer & shipping information" at the top of this page, the shipping address is not the address the gift will actually be shipped to. The Recipient Shipping Address you entered on the previous page will be where the boxes go. The information here will be applied to your purchase record only.

** Seeing the red *Gift subscription note below the item in your cart will ensure you are purchasing a one-time gift - unless you actively chose the renewing plan option. It may disappear on the final payment page but if you followed all these steps, it is a one-time subscription you have purchased. **

 Things to note:

* If you purchase a gift for yourself, using your own email address in the recipient field, you will receive two order notifications/numbers. One for the Gift Giver Order (essentially, your receipt) and one for the Gift Receiver Order (the gift itself). The latter will have a $0.00 charge.
You weren't charged for two gifts.

* Your order notification may sound like you have purchased a renewing plan, but as long as you saw the red *Gift subscription note at checkout, you don't need to worry about a renewal. 

* If you purchase a gift before 12AM EST on the 20th of the month, the gift recipient will be sent that month’s box. If you purchase a gift after this time, they will receive the following month’s box.


If you have any questions, please email [email protected].

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