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Information about purchasing a one-time Gift subscription.


How to Order OwlCrate as a Gift.

Thank you for wanting to give the gift of OwlCrate! To start, you just need to head over to owlcrate.com and hover over the SUBSCRIBE tab at the top of the main page: Chose the 'SEND A GIFT' option for OwlCrate or OwlCrate Jr.  On the next page, you

Why is my gift showing as expired in my customer account? It's new!

Not to worry, as there is no auto-renewal with gift subscriptions, it will be listed as expired in your account. All boxes that have been paid for will still be shipped.  When a box ships, you will receive an email with your shipping notification and

Someone just bought me a gift but I already have a subscription. Will I get two boxes?

If you already have an active subscription and someone purchases you a gift, please email [email protected] so we can make the necessary adjustments to ensure you don't receive duplicate boxes.  Be sure to reach out as soon as you can as we are on

Will my gift subscription auto-renew?

Generally, a gift is a one-time purchase.  One box shipped with a Monthly purchase, three consecutive boxes with the 3-Month gift, and six consecutive boxes with the 6-Month gift. If you do want your gift to renew for future boxes, you can choose the

I just bought a gift. Will I be charged again? Do I need to remember to cancel?

Generally, gift subscriptions are a one-time purchase. They will automatically expire and you won't be charged again in the future.  You will only be charged for future boxes/renewals if you chose the "Automatically renew this gift subscription" opti

My reader loved their gift! Can I switch to an auto-renewing plan?

We are so glad to hear your reader enjoyed their first OwlCrate gift! A customer is unable to switch a one-time gift over to a renewing plan within their customer account but if you email [email protected], we will be happy to help you out. We can

Can I include a personalized note in the gift?

If you purchase your gift using the "Send Gift as Email" option, you are able to include a personal message that will be sent to the recipient within the email (not the box).  With this option, the recipient will be sent an email on the day of your c

When will the gift recipient start receiving boxes?

If you purchase a gift before 12 AM EST on the 20th of the month, the gift recipient will be sent that month’s box.If you purchase a gift after this time, they will receive the following month’s box. Whichever box is being advertised on the main page