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Book Only Subscritions

Everything you need to know about our Book Only offers and how to subscribe.


How do the Book Only Wait Lists work?

You can join the Adult Fantasy Book Only waitlist HERE.

Can I Combine Shipping for Multiple Subscriptions?

With the launch of our Middle Grade, Young Adult, and Adult Fantasy options, we realize there is a lot to choose from and you may want more than one subscription. At the moment, it isn't possible to combine subscriptions into one monthly shipment but

How do I Switch from my Current Subscription to Book Only?

With the launch of our Middle Grade, Young Adult, and Adult Fantasy Book Only options, there are many subscription plans to choose from. We understand if you want to mix things up a bit!At the moment, you can only switch between OwlCrate (Young Adult

What is the Difference Between 'Book Only' and 'Book & Goodies' Subscriptions?

Our Middle Grade and Young Adult Book & Goodies subscriptions will include a newly released hardcover novel (usually with special features!) along with 4-5 high-quality goodies related to the monthly book and other fandoms. Our Book Only subscription